Skin Utopia By Alicia was founded for successful women seeking Lash & Skincare services based on Quality & Integrity


Policies of Skin Utopia by Alicia

  • Please contact me via text, Yelp or email. Voicemails will be responded to within 24 hours. I am unable to answer calls when I am with clients or teaching students.

  • I only respond to text and Yelp messages between 8am-8pm. As I am usually with clients or teaching/coaching, I may not respond right away. I will respond at my earliest

  • Please also review my Booking Policies and Service Policies prior to scheduling an appointment.

  • Directions & location information will be sent out 24 hours in advance following a confirmation text. Should you fail to appear or cancel with less than a 24 hour notice, your deposit will not be returned. If you would like to schedule a future appointment following a late cancellation, you will be required to submit an additional $50 deposit. Thank you for understanding, as I am unable to fill your time slot with such a late notice.

  • Please appear on time for your appointments. Your appointment will need to be rescheduled, should you need to arrive 15 minutes late or more. Additionally, your deposit will not be returned and you will need to submit a new deposit.

  • I work from home for LADIES ONLY and do not allow guests or children to accompany you, as it can be a safety issue. It should be noted, I have a Shih Tzu dog, which my clients love due to his calming energy; however, if you are allergic to dogs or fear them, you may not wish to schedule, as he is free to roam about my residence. I ask that all clients place their phones on silent and remove their shoes prior to lying on the treatment bed.

  • Only one discount, credit or special price can be used on your appointment date. Referral credits cannot be combined with any other offers.

  • Regarding Eyelash Extension Clients, do not chew gum or talk during the appointment, as it can interfere with the service. Talking can make the under eye tape and pads move, which can possibly burn or cut the eye. Additionally, it may cause your eyes to flutter, making it difficult to isolate and place the extension on the natural lash. Furthermore, please refrain from caffeine for approximately 4 hours prior. Caffeine will also make the eyes flutter. Please use this time to relax and unwind.